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Proposing brands on the right moment to the right person

"by analysing intelligently the fans likes"
Investor Briefing - April 12, 2017
Investment Opportunity eCommerce - Gifts Cards - Brands

The Story

When you live in Paris, New York, or one of many other big cities going shopping for a gift can be a nightmare. Certainly when you have no idea where to go and what to buy and then you have the traffic and when you are in Europe the opening hours. (Ex in Switzerland most of the shops closes between 6 pm and 6:30 pm and you finish office at 18:00 the earliest.

Consequently, it is often impossible to buy a gift on Sundays or late evening when you have finally time and kids are in bed.

The last year's e-commerce is booming, more and more people buy online and find their way online. Still, users need to know what to offer in the first place and using Google to find their idea. It is time-consuming and all this for a gift.

The NY Times conducted a research which showed most of the people love to receive a gift they like independent of the time, effort or price you have put into the search of that perfect gift.

With Gift Voucher Kiosk, you can find easily the gifts your friends like, as we analyse your friends Facebook profile, you get notification of your friends birthday with instant the list of brands your friends like and you can instantly buy online. No traffic, no closed shops, you have access to reviews of the business and you can review yourself and you don’t have to carry cash. All is done from 1 place.

You have peace of mind, have extra time and less stress and a happy friend.

Ease of Use:
  • Simplifies the search for the perfect gift- your friends indirectly tells you what he/she likes
  • Reduces uncertainty of being on time in the shop due traffic and finding a parking place<
  • Makes it easy to buy a gift as a group
  • The gift is branded, the recipient will have the impression you went to the shop personally
  • Security and peace of mind through following up gift vouchers (Ex recipients gets a reminder when they didn’t use the voucher, no waste of money)
  • Better gifting through reviews as well as the gift was on the list of your friend
  • Universality - a single app works worldwide
  • Save precious time
  • Automatic electronic receipts
  • Choice of gift from vouchers to packages from cheap to luxury
  • The Gift Voucher Kiosk experience is a revelation comparing to the old way of buying gifts, it’s a joy to use our platform and it is extremely simple

Overview, who we are?

Since we started the platform, we believed that a direct connection between the customer and the brands is the way to grow the business, to win time and create happiness.
We wanted to create an easy solution for users to find a perfect gift for the people they love and have more time to spent with them,
We wanted to create an easy solution for businesses to connect with existing and future customers so they can grow the business and have more time to spent with their customers.

We strongly believe that some friends are worth a real gift, and preferably from your business. We reach this goal, by using the latest available technology in a smart way and to put the customer and your branding at the core of your business.

Frederik Van Lierde - CEO / Founder
Frederik Van Lierde
CEO / Founder
Inna Semenyuk - PR
Inna Semenyuk
Public Relations - San Francisco
Ksenia Harwood - Marketing
Ksenia Harwood
Marketing - London
Inna Akhtyrska
Inna Akhtyrska
Journalism - Geneva
Niyaz Salam - Developer
Niyaz Salam
Developer - India
Robert - Robot
Robert - Basement

We are committed to creating the easiest, fastest, safest experience to offer the right gift, anywhere in the world

Opportunity, why now?

According to the Nielsen Institute, Americans spend 10 hours and 39 minutes per day in front of a screen. The greater part is devoted to checking a smartphone, followed by TV, computer and finally a tablet. The proportion is roughly the same in Europe even though the total duration drops to around six hours per day. Considering a sleeping period of 7 hours and 30 minutes, only 6 hours remains to confront the reality of life.

The NY Times wrote about a research, conducted by Jeff Galak and Julian Givi of Carnegie Mellon University, and Elanor F. Williams of Indiana University which concluded that most of the people like to receive a gift they like, independent of the time, effort or price put into the search for the perfect gift.
Social scientists bear glad tidings for the holiday season. After extensively observing how people respond to gifts, they have advice for shoppers: You don’t have to try so hard.

Gift Vouchers and Gifts are part of the huge eCommerce market and there has never been a better time for businesses to start thinking about an online gift voucher strategy.
According to eMarketer, in 2015 global B2C online sales are US$1.771 trillion. Move forward to 2017 and you can expect to see global online sales of over $2.3 trillion.

More than 70% of women plan on giving a gift voucher within the next 3 months, and 55% of men are planning to buy a gift voucher within that time frame. Nearly 85% of 25-34-year-olds say they are planning to give a gift voucher in the near future, according to a consumer survey by CardCash.com (a discount gift card solution)

The rapid expansion of the Internet and use of mobile devices in emerging markets is a big part of the reason Gift market is growing, along with better payment options and now because Gift Voucher Kiosk makes is more easy and faster to find the right gift.
Facebook play can be a major role in advancing this market with their 1+ billion users and with their ability to direct traffic to other websites and influence consumer buying decisions when it comes to products and services.

Some insights on customers behaviour:

  • 55% of gift voucher recipients require more than one visit to you to spend the balance of their voucher.
  • The average user ends up spending an extra 20% beyond the value of the voucher.
  • Birthdays are the most popular occasion to offer a gift (voucher): 81%
  • 92% of all vouchers sold via our platform are bought outside the normal opening hours and Sundays

Some challenges brands want to see solved:

  • A simple way to connect with future customers that generate sales.
  • A solution to gain more customers without giving huge discounts.
  • A marketing solution that works in the long term

Gift Voucher Kiosk will become a major top player for brands in the gift market.

what do we try to solve?

As the high ranked business school IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland stated: "You can’t pay bills with likes on Facebook, sooner or later the real economy bites the virtual economy back."

Facebook is an undoubtedly important marketing platform, with 1 billion+ users. They have convinced businesses, brands and celebrities that they are the best way to reach potential customers – which is probably true - so it is no surprise that many businesses are on Facebook trying to unlock the power of this social platform.

It is equally not surprising that Facebook has capitalised on this opportunity by limiting the reach a Facebook post can have for free. They are now asking to pay so you can reach more existing and new fans.

Aside from Facebook introducing a new algorithm that reduces your reach as a business, more competition on the platform also plays a role, making Facebook want to ensure that users get the right information.

To re-iterate, the real power of Facebook are the users, the members of the ever growing community that share anything and everything - from their thoughts to their pets, their adventures and the places they have visited. So, if you want to be successful on Facebook, you need to let the users work for you.

Every company in the world needs to have a strategic growth plan and most of the businesses do agree that gift vouchers are a very good way to grow and that is the reason why most of the business do sell gift vouchers in-store.

The main reasons why most of the companies don't have a real gift voucher solution online is:

  • They are no technical specialists (security, online payments, customer service online,..) so they need to call an external company to help them out and often it is too expensive.
  • Their website is not the main point of contact, they use more and more social media where they can post publicity to their followers.
  • They often confuse gift vouchers with reduction coupons

On the other hand, we see clearly that all major business are offering sophisticated gift vouchers solutions to their customers online and if we look on Google, we notice that a hard fight in Ad placement is going on between the different gift and "experience" platforms, different major business, so many small and medium companies all are having a hard time to be online with their gift vouchers and to be visible.

Gift Voucher Kiosk offers a solution that eliminates those concerns.

what are we doing about it?

After we talked to many brands & business owners around the world, and after we found the main issues (see the Problem section), The Gift Voucher Kiosk team came up with a profitable solution that offer brands a unique way to communicate with future clients and to grown their business, easy to implement (2 minutes) and not expensive in such a way our solution guarantees return on investment.

The Facebook Birthday Solution To re-iterate, the real power of Facebook are the users, the members of the ever growing community that share anything and everything - from their thoughts to their pets, their adventures and the places they have visited. So, if you want to be successful on Facebook, you need to let the users work for you.

Here is where Gift Voucher Kiosk comes into play, as a brand, we don’t know everything about our clients, like their birthday, wedding anniversary date etc, Facebook does! We offer to brands a solution to make Facebook show their services and products at the right moment to the fans’ friends, in such a way that those friends can offer a gift (voucher) from the brand instantly.

We have invented a way that brand fans’ friends get a notification about the preferences and wish-list of the fan so they don’t offer the wrong gift. -We believe that some friends are worth more than just a Happy Birthday message on their wall.

That's not all, as Gift Voucher Kiosk, we wanted to go 1 step further and offering a total Gift solution to use online and in-store, our solution goes beyond Facebook and can be used on the brand's website, blog, newsletter, posts on Snapchat, Instagram, Messages on WhatsApp and many more, it can even be linked to the brands existing gift voucher solution, just by using 1 simple link

Gift Vouchers are a very important marketing tool, online as well as in-store. Most businesses – such as spas, restaurants, boutiques and shops – would be missing out on revenue if they have no Gift Voucher strategy in place.

The evidence

What evidence do we have that shows this will successful?
We have built a scalable and reliable model that allows growth on a daily base. We started in 2013 with a few business only, to fine-tune the solution. In 2015 we opened the platform 100 more shops and finalised the solution. In 2016 we launched the "Gifts for Facebook" solution and all is up and running.
All this happened in Geneva, Switzerland and London UK

With only 157 active brands in a beta solution, 2.601 vouchers are sold with a total revenue of CHF 361.938.

Since a few months, we have opened the platform for any business in the world and we are expecting to reach 5 million by middle of 2018

The chicken or the egg problem: how do we attract customers & brands?

As often with companies like ours, it's all about finding a solution to the chicken and the egg problem. The more customers we have, the more brands we will sign, to signup customers, we need to make sure we have the right brands on the platform and offer the right mix of brands.
We have found an easy and funny way to solve this problem and we use it on a daily base to keep growing. Talk to us to find out how we grow.


Thank you for checking out our pitch and solution, for more information on how we grow our platform, our exit strategy, financials, competitors, please contact Frederik Van Lierde, CEO/Founder), he is happy to share all the requested information with you: frederik@giftvoucherkiosk.com.

Our goal is to raise between (π =) 3.14 and (e =) 5.43 million, depending on the collaboration and our discussions.

Looking forward!
The Gift Voucher Team


Brands and consumers are connected directly to each other in a non-intrusive way. A solution any person or brand in the world can use.

We are committed to offering the easiest, fastest, safest experience to buy the right gift, anywhere in the world from the favourite brands