What is Gift Voucher Kiosk?

We’re the innovative company behind the world’s #1 Gift Voucher platform that will let your customer grow your business — there’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage, no monthly subscription and you can even use your existing gift voucher solution — you just log in and get to work. And now our platform gives you a secure, fast and most complete way to put your business growth at the center of everything you do.

Returning customers in-store
55% of gift voucher recipients require more than one visit to you to spend the balance of their voucher.
Extra sales and revenue
92% of all vouchers sold via our platform are bought outside the typical opening hours
81% of the vouchers sold via our platform was for a friends birthday
Extra spending
The average user ends up spending an extra 20% beyond the value of the voucher.
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    Todays customer has 1000 + 1 different ways to shop, to search etc. You as business does not always have the time to be everywhere. Your #1 tasks is to take care of your buying customers.
    We created multiple channels to promote your business and gift vouchers like an online Kiosk, mobile, apps, etc.
    Our innovative solutions are fast, secure, doesn't require any technical maintenance from your side and the customer gets a branded voucher from your business.

    We build solutions with You, as our partner, as the base of everything we do. It's easy to see why we are growing so fast.
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    1 of the best ways to grow your revenue and sales, is to maximize the potential of your current client base. If you don't have an online gift voucher on your website, you're missing out a lot of sales.
    By offering this solution to your customers, you're not only making their life easy and less stressfull, you take away any reason to shop online to your competitor.

    We created a easy-to-use ,secure and fast solution to start selling gift vouchers on your website, blog, newsletter. Create an account now and start today.
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