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How it works?

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Brand advantages

  • Customers will receive a voucher like they came to visit your shop personally.
  • We pay out all vouchers, instantly via bank wire or paypal
  • Every partner is verified, to guarantee quality to our user as well as less competition for your business.

Success stories

Veronique Gallais
"We needed a very easy to use system, as we need to take care of our customers. Gift Voucher Kiosk gave us a solution."
Véronique Gallais- Barton & Betjeman

Most Asked Questions

  • Are you like Groupon?
    NO, we are an alternative. We never ask for reductions, we never require you to sell a minimum of vouchers, and we never take 50% or above as commission.
    ALSO we pay out on all vouchers purchased - we want to be a real partner, and that is the reason behind our principle: "We make money only when you have made profit first"

    Learn More: GIFT CARDS VS REDUCTIONS, An Alternative to Groupon & other Deal Websites

  • I already have an online gift voucher solution?
    Great, This means you understand the value of your online presence. We offer you extra tools who are linked to your online existing gift voucher solution.
    We recommend to become partner with the fixed yearly fee of USD 19, you will get all advantages and we guide all customers to your website and gift voucher page.

  • How & when do I receive the money?
    In general, we payout automatically on a daily base. You will get an notification email with the amount and you also have real time access to the status of your money.
    Important note: we never use this account to invest, pay our bills. It is your money.
    Alternatively, you may choose to be paid out on a weekly or monthly base, depending on the needs and workload of your accountancy team.

  • What does the customer receive as gift voucher, branding wise?
    Branding is very important, all gift vouchers are branded for your business with your images conditions etc. The customer receive a voucher like someone came to our business to buy it personally.

Your branded gift voucher
in front of your clients
on the right time
on the right moment

What is Gift Voucher Kiosk?

We’re the innovative company behind the world’s #1 Social Gift Voucher platform that will let your customers grow your business — there’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage, no monthly subscription and you can even use your existing gift voucher solution — you just log in and get to work.

Our platform gives you a secure, fast and most complete way to put your business growth at the center of everything you do.