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Cashback Guarantee

At Gift Voucher Kiosk, we want you to share happiness and not to loose money. Sometimes it happens that a partner closes down. We do checks on all our partners, but it can still happen.
In the case the shop you bought a gift voucher from is closed, Gift Voucher Kiosk guarantees a 100% cash back of the Voucher. You only have to let us know via our online form.


The Cash Back Guarantee Program applies to Vouchers sold via our platform. The Cash Back Guarantee covers only the amount paid for the vouchers on our platform. The Cash Back Guarantee program applies only in case the shop is permanently closed and you couldn't use the Gift Voucher within the Conditions related to the Voucher.

The Cash Back Guarantee Program is subject to verification by Gift Voucher Kiosk or any third party ordered to verify.

If the request for cash back is valid, Gift Voucher Kiosk will pay you back the amount onto your credit card you used to purchase the voucher.
In case the payback via credit card isn't possible, we will ask you to send us your bank account details.

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