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Crazy Combat Laser Battle


Laser Games Yorkshire – Discover Combat without the Pain

Crazy Combat offers adrenaline pumping laser games in Yorkshire which are as close to paintball as you can get but without the pain! Explore our laser battle gallery to see the fun you could be having.
6 Great Reasons to Choose Crazy Combat

There are many fantastic features of our laser battle combat games including;

• Latest infra-red laser tag equipment used by the US military for training
• Our harmless infra-red rays don’t hurt when you get hit • It’s suitable for
• people of all ages
• Unleash up to 800 rounds per minute and blitz your opponents
• Shoot from a range of up to 750 ft daytime and 1500ft at night with pinpoint
• accuracy
• Our Crazy Combat Forts are all outdoor so there’s more space to do battle

Laser Battle Sites

We currently operate in the following three sites;

• Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo
• Primrose Valley Holiday Park
• Reighton Sands Holiday Park

You don’t need to be staying at the holiday parks to come along and play.

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Crazy Combat Laser Battle


Valid 1 year

11 Loders Green, YO11 3LB Eastfield, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
01723 582416

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