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The team

Frederik Van Lierde - CEO / Founder
Frederik Van Lierde
CEO / Founder
Inna Semenyuk - PR
Inna Semenyuk
Public Relations
Innavation Labs
k Harwood - Marketing
Ks Harwood
Lokum Media
Niyaz Salam - Developer
Niyaz Salam
Robert - Robot
You like to join the team?
You want to join the team?
About the team

Our philosophy

Since we started the platform, we believed that a direct connection between the customer and the brands is the way to grow the business, to win time and create happiness.
We wanted to create an easy solution for users to find a perfect gift for the people they love and have more time to spent with them,
We wanted to create an easy solution for businesses to connect with existing and future customers so they can grow the business and have more time to spent with their customers.

We strongly believe that some friends are worth a real gift, and preferably from your business. We reach this goal, by using the latest available technology in a smart way and to put the customer and your branding at the core of your business.

We are committed to creating the easiest, fastest, safest experience to offer the right gift, anywhere in the world

Board Members / Investors

Arnaud Serval - Board
Arnaud Serval
Board / Investor
Audrey Buzzolini - Board
Audrey Buzzolini
Board / Investor